Prove a good option for travelers to go to Sapa Train in between Hanoi – Laocai station and more comfortably than the bus. Up to now, Train to Sapa Classes:
There are several high classes of tourist train offered in most trains to Sapa as Tulico, Ratraco, King express, Tsc, Fanxipan, Royal train, Friendly with hard-berth, soft-berth. Hard-berth has three tiers of beds (it means six beds per compartment). Soft-berth has two tiers of beds (four beds per compartment) and divided into 2 styles as first class and Deluxe carbine, the price for each bunks in each carbine are the same. These compartments have a door. Some trains may have super-berth compartments which have two beds per room with a door as Vip class.

The Train is designed with soft 4 berths and two toilet at either ends features 4 soft berth in each cabin with individual reading lights, baggage storage and spacious trunk for suite case and hand luggage. The train provide also water and cold tower.

Time table for each train: Sapa Express trains go between Hanoi and Laocai station and stop at various railway stations along the route, These trains take 8-10 hours to finish their itinerary. The three major kinds of trains form Hanoi: SP1, SP3, SP7, LC1. All trains are departure by night at around 19:40 to 21:50 and arrival Laocai next morning. The trains leave Laocai also same time every everning and arrival Hanoi also next morning. Those train such as SP2, SP4, SP8, LC2 from Lao Cai to Hanoi.
* Note:
– One way ticket are available
– Ticket price does not include meals on the train but include snack and drinks
– WC are not in cabin

Child fare
– Under 5 years old: free of charge if sharing berth with parent;
– From 5 up: adult rate.

Rates are USD per person per berth (Wooden cabin 4 berths)
RouteDepartArrivalOne wayReturn
Hanoi to LaoCai20h40
LaoCai to Hanoi19h30

Transfers from LaoCai to Sapa
Hanoi – LaoCai train stop at valley LaoCai, just 40 km from Sapa, so to reach Sapa you need to travel more 1 hour and a half by a public bus or private car. The bus stops at Sapa’s main post office leaving you with a couple of minutes walk into town. From Sapa town it is about 5′ or 15′ walk to your hotel pending on which hotel you will stay.
Ticket prices for a bus connecting to Sapa is 5 USD per person one way, you can get it upon arrival.
Private transfer: 30 USD one way by car for 2 persons