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Son Tra Peninsula


Jutting out into the sea, the Son Tra Peninsula is crowned by the Son Tra Mountain that the American soldiers during the Viet Nam War called Monkey Mountain. The 13.5km-long mountain to the northeast of Da Nang acts as a barrier protecting the city from strong winds and storms coming in from the sea. Son Tra was also the name given to the district, with 7 wards, when Da Nang separated from Quang Nam–Da Nang Province to become a centrally-run city on 1 January 1997. The Son Tra scenery is very attractive, and tradition says that descending angels often alight on the summit to sing, dance and play chess.  The name Tien Sa (Tien: Angel, Sa: landing) originated from that

08:00: Pick up guests at hotel (in Danang’s area)

08:30: Visit Linh Ung pagoda- take a tour around Son Tra Peninsula

09:30: Get on speeding boat to visit the South shore of Son Tra Peninsula

10:00: Snokelling, swimming, fishing, and join some exciting activities.

12:00: Have lunch

13:00: Receive some Souvenir

14:00: Send-off guests to hotel


SERVICES INCLUDED:  Car+Boat fee+ English Guide + Lunch+ Water

CHILDREN  RATE Under 5: free; 5-10: 50% of adult rate; Over 10: Same as adult rate